Artist Statement

Our website call video game museum, in this website we show the how the video

game field has change and those Milestone Games, famous designers. The logo

“VGM” represent Video Game Museum, we make it as pixel art because it can remain

This website is make by Dreamweaver. We use a gray image as the background

image, to separate the background and the logo we give the logo a yellow edge. Also

we add blur background at the content. In the home page we put three main plates:

games, hardware and designer. When we click the image we will go to the plate

page. In those plates pages we use the same style with the home page. We have

added a lot of image and text at the plate pages. For those associated part we make

the image mosaic in the text, for those irrelevant content we separate them by the

image. At then end of the website, we add the footer for the copryright.

Posted in Spring 2016.