Raeva, Diana

Raeva, Diana


Graphic Design Concentration


Professor Emily Wang

I have created a booklet that is going to be handed to every guest at my painting exhibition at the end of this year, 2016. The inspiration behind creating it, is the passion I have for expressing myself, me feelings and moods through colors and paint. I believe it’s a limitless way of showing people who you actually are and making them reflect on their wellbeing and lives as well. I truly believe that’s one of the most powerful abilities that’s there in this world.

I used Photoshop and WordPress to create my final project. It consists of 6 pages, Home, Contact us and Events pages, as well as Bibliography, Painting and Photography Pages. The color theme I picked it primarily back and white, with the idea of making the website subtle and easy for the eye to comprehend. The paintings and photographs are extremely colorful as well, so they are presented the best on a white background. The second page includes my bibliography in order to make it easier for those who don’t really know me to get an idea of my personality and what in life makes me happy and complete. In the following three pages I have placed photos of some of my favorite pieces, along with a description of the work – tile, size, etc. I am hoping I can show everyone who has the chance to visit my website, my work and the places and people that have inspired me.

Posted in Fall 2015.