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Oleksandr Mukhin CS241- Web Design Year Complete:2015 I decided to make my website to show my animation and design works. I start to make my website from sitemap. Then I created logo. My logo contain three letters AMA in three colors – Red Green Blue (RGB).For background I chose white color and some colors from my […]


Eli Means CS241 – Web Design Year Complete: 2015 Means Studios is a portfolio website featuring my prized works through the times as a student at Bramson Ort College. The Website features my 3-D designs, models, characters as well as my animated series: Heartbreak. Heartbreak is about a blob, Oog, who’s been heartbreak once too many […]

kelly logo

Melanie Kelly-Pabon Class No.: CS241 Professor: Emily Wang Year Complete: 2015 My website is designed to showcase me. It will be used to show who I am and what I am about. My inspiration behind it is my design mentality and my family. The red roses I use to represent everyone while the black roses represent […]


Aminia Ejaz CS241-Web Design  Year Complete:2015 I was never interested in animation or in web design. This my first time that I am animating things on my own with different things using interesting softwares and tools. When I first started animating things I don’t know how to use these things I was very confused afterwards I […]

mohammad (3)

Mohammad Haque I Create a website with WordPress which have header,body and footer. In the Header section I put navigation bar and body section I put full leanth picture. I create five page like Home page ,About,Service,Work and Contact page. I Put different type of plugins which increase the function of my website. I put different […]


Sainabou Drammeh My site is about travel and tourism. I came up with the idea because I love travelling a lot and would love to expand my site globally in the long run. Some of the pictures I got from the internet but the idea is mainly mine. Sainaff Travels is currently hosted on I […]