Mckay, Brandon

Artist Statement- is a nonprofit website that allows people to find knowledge in bettering

their health, with exercise and nutrition. From a person who has been dedicated to being healthier and

enjoying fitness training; this website gives you valuable information and tips to help you excel. We at

Creative Fitness give you new ideas on how to eat properly without sustaining your favorite foods. The

same can be said with exercising or training.

We all know that food is our apart of our daily lives and like to enjoy it. So we give our viewers a

list of foods that are healthier and delicious at the same time. Meals and recipes that you can choose

from to be happy with your diet. With exercising, we know that cardio can boring and non-challenging.

We devised a strategy to incorporate both cardio and weight training to make your workouts exciting

and effective for your results.

Posted in Spring 2016.