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Janyll Infante


Janyll Infante

CS241 Website design

Professor Emily Wang

May 6, 2016


I wanted to provide something for my website that the audience would love and can

connect to. The website I created is for women who loves fashion mainly accessories. I’m

into all kinds of accessories and this is what inspired me to create the website for the

audience to look at. I wanted the website to be simple and sophisticated. My logo has a big

Diamond with the letter J over it. One of the J is flipped because I wanted to make the logo

look unique. The words “Janyll’s Jewels” is written underneath with an italic font. I created my l

logo in Photoshop.

To create my website I wanted it to match with my logo using the color blue and black.

The background menu is blue while the writing is in black but when you put your mouse over it,

it turns white. I kept the background white to give it a simple look. The images that I took for my

pages I put each accessories on a white and red background. Some of the background the

accessories are on came out purple even though it’s been used on the same red background,

because of the flash from the camera. My slogan for my website is “…Because Diamonds are

Forever.” I picked that slogan because it connects to every girl that buys jewelry, it’s kept


Posted in Spring 2016.