RF_D_Diverging Corporation

Farley, Randy Julius


Randy Farley

CS241 Website design

Professor: Emily Wang

May 13, 2016


Artist Statement


My reason for creating this website has a lot to do with how I felt and liked seeing them city of New York City. Most of the time I have this urge to get out and see the nightlife and the city. I just want to get out and drive… With the help of my best friend Shane and my semi-artistic outlook on things I built this website to promote and display the images and city that I live in. The name of the fictional company Diverging Corporation is derived from a portion of my future dream. One day I would like to create my own company with a different name, but the views on life will still be similar☺. Once again I hope to achieve this dream, with the help of my COO and Best Friend Shane.

Posted in Spring 2016.