Crawford, Ryan Christop


Student Full Name: Ryan Crawford

Student Major: Game Design and Programming

Proposed Graduation Year/date: June 27th 2016

Class No. and professor name: CS41/ Prof. Wang

Year Complete: 2016

For my portfolio website, I have chosen simple and straight-forward approach. The logo is simple to remember. The navigation is easy to understand and the site’s color palette isn’t overwhelming. The colors used in the portfolio were set up to make the typography easier to understand. The main objective of the site’s design was to present my skills in terms of visuals, not programming.

I obtained the motivation for the concept because the opportunity to use a paid server was presented to me and I was in need of a new portfolio. When I developed the site, I made certain that my target audience were people searching for a game artist. In the gaming industry, visuals are second to gameplay. Once people have been through the site, they will know that I’m an artist who takes his work seriously yet loves what he does. The audience might ask how I am different from any other artist. The answer is my eye for detail in terms of 2D & 3D artwork, use of color, and use of lighting.

Posted in Spring 2016.