David Herrera

Herrera, David In personal Terms, this entire project was at a developmental limbo.  But as I can see it now, it was fun and if I ever have to do this again, I will need to see all on which a computer and man to coexist. My inspiration for this entire project was mainly […]


Lengor, Mark

Mark Lengor V Personally I do not have anything that inspires me at the present time to make a website for this course. However I am quite interested and fascinated by nature and its overwhelming power. Just thought of the fact that it can be end of all human race if one of the […]


Raeva, Diana

Raeva, Diana Graphic Design Concentration CS241 Professor Emily Wang I have created a booklet that is going to be handed to every guest at my painting exhibition at the end of this year, 2016. The inspiration behind creating it, is the passion I have for expressing myself, me feelings and moods through colors and […]


Farhana Slahudin Farhana Slahudin CS241 – Web Design Major: Electronic Technology Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 January 14, 2016 New York City is filled with fascinating lights, sounds and monumental buildings that is sure to please even the most finicky person. a vital role in influencing the commerce, media, arts, fashion and cultural entertainment and knowledge, it is […]


Martin Rodriguez

Love Sushi Martin C Rodriguez Major: Computer Network Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 Web Design Professor : Emily Wang 2016 If you are an avid consumer of seafood as I am, sushi takes the crown. With a variety of assorted ingredients and a wide array of fish, there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind as to […]


Runa Ahmed Runa Ahmed Class No. and professor name: CS241 Emily Wang Major: Computer Network Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 Year Complete: 2015 I will need to write a non-fiction novel and still am not be sure that I have everything written down in order to express the story of my life. I met people, I visited places, […]


Cali Mckenzie

Young Fly Noticeable Cali McKenzie Major:Computer Technology Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 Emily Wang CS241 Individual Project 2015 What helped me come up with the concept of my beautiful website is a relative. I felt my relative needed help with his clothes and I’m aspiring like he is so why not help each other. I […]


Jonathan Wu

Golè Game Software Full Name: Chieh-Hsun Wu Major: Game Design & Programming Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 Class No. and professor name: CS241 Emily Wang Year Complete: 2015 This website is about videos games software. I want to create this website because I like to play video games and I’m also a game designer, that’s […]


Angela Rose Maher

Broadway Shows Presentation Angela Rose Maher Major: Graphic Design (associate) Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 December 14, 2015 CS241- Bramson ORT College   I designed a WordPress blogging page and it showcases my love of Broadway musicals. I chose classic black and white with grey undertones representing some of the classics that I’ve had the chance […]


Shira Mahgerefteh

My Passion- Nora Jewelry Shira Mahgerefteh Major: Graphic Design Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 CS241: Professor Wang December 30, 2015 As a website artist, my desire is to create a site that exudes an ambiance of beauty, ease, and comfort. I believe that a website should be able to capture the user’s attention and curiosity immediately, […]

Ali Logo

Ali Haider

My Portfolio Full Name: Ali Haider Class No: CS241 Professor name: Emily Wang Year Complete: 2015 I have been designing many 3D models And now started to make games Too. So I wanted my website where i can show case My Work on 3D models and games. This website is the combination of my […]


Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia Eli Zav, Martin Rodriquez , Farhana Slahudin Class CS241 Fall 2015 Connoisseurs are always on the hunt for great foods to satisfy their hunger to experience new and exciting flavors and taste. Cuisine should be simple and packed with lots of flavor, texture and delicious. Our webpage was created on the […]


The Color of Food

The Color of Food Cali McKenzie & Ali Haider Professor: Emily Wang Group Project 2015 What helped us come up with the concept of our beautiful website is America. We felt Americans should learn more about healthy foods and eating in better ways.  We made sure to keep in mind no one wants to […]


Shadia Islam

Lifestyle of Bangladesh Full Name: Shadia Islam Professor name: Emily Wang Year Complete: 2015 In my life, I have seen lot of different places in my country and also captured some moments.  From here, I got the idea to create a web site which is the Lifestyle of Bangladesh.  I choose this website to […]

New York City Logo

NYC Tourist Guide

NYC Tourist Guide Brandon Schlossberg Daniel Serna Jonathan Wu Jason Francois Professor: Emily Wang 2015 Coming up with the idea of what our group project should be about, we mainly thought about what kind of people we would want seeing our page.  In the process of brainstorming we came to the conclusion that we […]


Brandon Schlossberg

Collections Full Name: Brandon Schlossberg Major: Game Design & Programming (Associate) Proposed graduation year/date: 2016 Class No. and professor name: CS241 Emily Wang Year Complete: 2015 Throughout my life I have collected so many different objects that I would like to show to the rest of the world. This is where I got the […]



Ocean Resort Jaquelyn Chan, Shadia Islam and Shira Mahgerefteh Web Design 241: Professor Wang Year Complete: 2015 Our passion for beauty, sophistication and professionalism is what drove us to create this beautiful web site. Each page consists of a smooth and easy lay out, making it very user friendly. Our task bar is to […]



Newport Graphic designer: Angela Rose Maher Logo Designer: Angela Rose Maher Layout designer: Angela Rose Maher Programmer: Angela Rose Maher/Ying Chen Concept designer: Angela Rose Maher I designed a website based on Newport, Rhode Island. I chose the colors light blue and white to represent the water since Rhode Island is a coastal city. […]