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Raeva, Diana

Raeva, Diana Graphic Design Concentration CS241 Professor Emily Wang I have created a booklet that is going to be handed to every guest at my painting exhibition at the end of this year, 2016. The inspiration behind creating it, is the passion I have for expressing myself, me feelings and moods through colors and […]


David Herrera

Herrera, David In personal Terms, this entire project was at a developmental limbo.  But as I can see it now, it was fun and if I ever have to do this again, I will need to see all on which a computer and man to coexist. My inspiration for this entire project was mainly […]


Lengor, Mark

Mark Lengor V Personally I do not have anything that inspires me at the present time to make a website for this course. However I am quite interested and fascinated by nature and its overwhelming power. Just thought of the fact that it can be end of all human race if one of the […]


Adames, Perla Mairel

Perla Mairel Adames Computer Information Systems CS241 : Web Design Emily Wang Year Complete : 2016 Artist Statement For my research project I will create a website about central park. I decided to do my website on central park because I remember when I was a kid my dad use to take me all […]


VGM Artist Statement Our website call video game museum, in this website we show the how the video game field has change and those Milestone Games, famous designers. The logo “VGM” represent Video Game Museum, we make it as pixel art because it can remain This website is make by Dreamweaver. We use a gray image […]


Eguzouwa, Joseph Joseph Eguzouwa CS241 Website Design Professor Emily Wang Artist Statement My motivation to create the website comes from my love of sports, so I chose to advertise all things sports. The logo I made is simple and people who visit the website can easily tell what the website would be about from only looking […]


Mai, Ziliang

RF_D_Diverging Corporation

Farley, Randy Julius Randy Farley CS241 Website design Professor: Emily Wang May 13, 2016   Artist Statement   My reason for creating this website has a lot to do with how I felt and liked seeing them city of New York City. Most of the time I have this urge to get out and see the nightlife […]


Fashion Janyll, Randy, Brandon, Raisa, Jamala Professor Emily Wang CS241 May 16, 2016 Artist Statement Our group decided to do the website on summer clothes. Janyll came up with the theme and logo, “Summer Fashion” to go along with the website. We each had our own task. Janyll chose to gather images for women’s fashion, […]

Janyll Infante logo-210

Janyll Infante Janyll Infante CS241 Website design Professor Emily Wang May 6, 2016   I wanted to provide something for my website that the audience would love and can connect to. The website I created is for women who loves fashion mainly accessories. I’m into all kinds of accessories and this is what inspired me to […]


Chen, YuXing Artist Statement   This logo is make for my personal website, I will show my 3D project in the website. This logo is a 3D hollow cube, it show the theme of my website. I use 3D software MAYA to make this cube and render it as a jpg image. After that, I change […]


Crawford, Ryan Christop Student Full Name: Ryan Crawford Student Major: Game Design and Programming Proposed Graduation Year/date: June 27th 2016 Class No. and professor name: CS41/ Prof. Wang Year Complete: 2016 For my portfolio website, I have chosen simple and straight-forward approach. The logo is simple to remember. The navigation is easy to understand and the site’s […]


Lopez, Victor Manuel Jr. Victor M Lopez Jr Game Design & Programming CS241: Web Design Emily Wang Artist Statement I decided to make a website regarding Lincoln Center because I live by it and I visit it pretty much every day. Lincoln Center is where people go to watch operas, shop, visit the attractions they have and relax […]


Mckay, Brandon Artist Statement- is a nonprofit website that allows people to find knowledge in bettering their health, with exercise and nutrition. From a person who has been dedicated to being healthier and enjoying fitness training; this website gives you valuable information and tips to help you excel. We at Creative Fitness give you […]


Mero, Raisa M ARTIST STATEMENT I decided to do my web page on the world of vodka because it’s a feature we all use. We all have that moment when we need a drink whether it’s to unwind from a longs day, to celebrating, to just simply hanging out. I mostly prefer light drinks which is why […]


Dalton Burke CS241 Prof. Emily Wang Artist Statement My website is to advertise myself. Through the work that I have done. The 3d design and programming I have worked on so far. With screenshots and videos of projects I have worked on over the past year. With this website I hope to give those that would […]